For over 20 years, EBPA has been providing international trade programs, market education and overseas office representation and support for the US building materials industry.   We are the only national industry trade association focused exclusively on working with US companies on development of international trade in US residential and commercial building materials and construction technologies.  Join EBPA today and see for yourself how the many benefits of membership can aid you in achieving your international business goals.   



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Patrick Lumber

ContactJohn Quast
TitleVice President, Export
Mailing Address812 SW 10th Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97205
Web Sitewww.
Web Sitewww.

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Export Services

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Main Products
High quality Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, and Southern Yellow Pine lumber.
Main Services
Lumber wholesale and consolidator services

Our end-use markets are as diverse as the products that we sell, varying from construction to boat building, musical instruments, windows, doors, mouldings, millwork and numerous other industrial uses.

Our trading professionals monitor market shifts, customer needs and changes in supply because creativity is critical to building lasting programs on both sides of our business.

Domestic manufacturers and distributors are served by our traders in the Western United States. With a combined 279 years of experience, we are well suited to meet your needs.

International markets are supported by solid relationships with foreign based agents – some of whom we have worked with for decades. These agents provide access and insight into markets throughout the world.

Our export products are the highest quality North American softwood lumber available, including Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, and Southern Yellow Pine.  

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