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Western Pacific Building Materials

ContactJeff Johnson
TitleVice President
Mailing Address2805 NW 31st Ave., Portland, OR 97210
Tel(503) 224-9142
Fax(503) 241-3858
Web Sitewww.

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Main Products

1. Doors and door systems (fiberglass doors, wood doors, steel doors with customer's specified door frame system)

2. Windows (wood windows, aluminum-clad windows, vinyl windows)

3. Exterior moulding (urethane millwork) and interior moulding (solid wood, finger joint wood, MDF)

4. Stair parts in a variety of species (oak, maple, cherry, hemlock, paint grade, etc.)

Main Services

1. Building materials estimating and sales

2. Packaging and shipping (w/document production)

3. New product research

4. Product update and product maintenance (claim processing)


Western Pacific is a building materials wholesaler/distributor. We have been selling the building materials to not only Japanese home builders but also American home builders for over 30 years. We stock more than 4,000 products in our 10,000 sqft warehouse in Portland, OR and package and ship the materials in a prompt manner.

We have our own door machines in our warehouse, so we can hang the doors to customer's specific needs (jamb species, size, hardware color, etc.) and can build Japanese "Oyako door" as well. We just introduced a "Poly-fiber door frame" which will not absorb moisture and will never warp, splinter, or rot. When you combine these Poly-fiber jambs with our fiberglass door, it guarantees a long-lasting, rot-free entryway that will maintain its integrity today, tomorrow, as well as years down the road.

We also stock a wide variety of mouldings to satisfy all level of the home's needs. Our own employees package and load Japanese shipments at our own warehouse, so we can guarantee quick and mistake-free shipments. We always have Japanese speaking staff and welcome quote requests, product inquiries, fax and e-mail message in Japanese. Our high quality standard in products and services has allowed us to participate in the "Street of Dreams", the showcase of excellent housing, for over 15 years.

Staff : 250  
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