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Offering business talk services and social opportunities: We will expand the network of peers at home and abroad by participating in members of the industrial association that restricts the housing and construction materials industries. In addition, wecan accessbuilding materials manufacturers, exporters based in the USA, suppliers of various services, dealers of domestic imported building materials, and contractorsengaged in construction of 2 × 4 construction method and conventional construction method.

Special program benefits: Important technical information and product information in Japanwill receive a 10% to 20% discount from theWashington State Government, EBPA hosted seminars and residential visits etc. from the usual price. It applies to the following programs: 

● EPBA Technical Seminar  ● US Housing Building Materials Seminar · Housing Building Material Housing Mission ● Advertisement to Housing Industry Information published by the Washington State Government ● Evergreen Housing Seminar (2 times a year)

Point of contact with American companies: By exchanging information with other companies in the United States and Japan, you can obtain the products and information you need. The members of the new Japanese will be posted on the corporate booklet issued by the association and supplied to the company in the US as well as letting them post on the website of the EBPA . Moreover, by linking the address of the company of the Japanese member to the homepage, it can also lead to the promotion of the product of their company's company. Also, from the representatives of the Japan office of the Association, you can get in touch with the company in the US, details about the product and services of the specific construction project in Japanese.

Evergreen Housing Seminar: Preferred price applies to Evergreen Housing Seminar. At this seminar, lectures and on-site inspection programs are organized on the theme of American enforcement technology and how to use North American building materials, seminar participants can receive effective guidance. Lecture will be conducted through Japanese interpreter based on the latest theme which is talked about in the Japanese market. The materials used in the seminar are also translated into Japanese. After the lecture, you can visit the residential development area and the private residence in Seattle city and see how the technology learned in the lecture is actually being utilized.